Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Fat Loss Factor Review

Fat Loss Factor is a weight loss program that promises to help you lose incredible amounts of fat in less than a month. Is this program just another overhyped fat loss program that doesn’t deliver? Some critics may say “Fat Loss Factor Scam is a better name for the program”, but I’ll show you why the critics just seem to be paid representatives of other companies.

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At first glance, Fat Loss Factor does indeed look like another run of the mill weight loss program. However, it differs significantly by actually focusing on scientific and proven principles instead of focusing on a passing fad. The program’s creators actually reference real scientific principles that they base their program off.

What are the Principles behind Fat Loss Factor?

The Fat Loss Factor program claims to work by combining nutrition and two weight loss methods, caloric shifting and intense but brief workouts.

Caloric Shifting is a principle that is focused on eating different amount of calories on different days and times to confuse your body which forces it to raise its metabolism.

Metabolism is how many calories our body burns day to day while we go about our life. Increasing your metabolism is one of the fastest ways to lose weight as it means that you are burning extra calories even when resting.

The workouts included in this program mainly focus on intense but brief cardio like sprints, and strength training. The workouts are brief and are perfect for people with busy lives. In fact this program is perfect for busy people because of the focus on quick workouts that help you lose weight quickly.

Strength training is a vital part of this program. Multiple studies have confirmed that strength training helps you build muscle which increases your metabolism and helps burn your fat off your body very quickly. Additionally strength training will give you a taut sexy look that will have the opposite gender drooling over you.

The Importance of Nutrition in this Program

Another vital aspect of this program is a proper nutritional regime. The program starts you off with a 2 week cleansing period to get rid of toxins in your body. These toxins can hurt your weight loss efforts drastically so getting rid of them is of vital importance. These toxins essentially force your body to store fat in your cells therefore removing those toxins leads to weight loss.

The cleansing period is 2 weeks long and you will be limited to certain foods that are 100 percent natural like organic vegetables, fruits, raw seeds, raw legumes, raw nuts, coconut oil, olive oil, and some other natural ingredients. You will probably lose a good amount of weight during this period, but best of all you’ll be feeling a lot better and beaming with energy. You’ll learn the importance of a natural diet that helps you feel like you’re on the top of the world every single day.

After the 2 week cleansing period you start a 10 week period of exercise and eating healthy. You must follow the principle of caloric shifting and vary the amount you eat each day. The eBook includes a detailed explanation of the principle and the exact amount of calories you must eat each day. Additionally there’s information on the kind of the foods you should eat, so there’s no confusion regarding your meal choices.

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The program focuses heavily on healthy and natural foods like vegetables, nuts, legumes, lean proteins, fruits, and other non-processed foods. Processed foods are heavily discouraged as they lead to an unhealthy body, increased weight gain, and they make you feel lethargic. The program does allow you to eat low-glycemic carbohydrates, which are quite healthy for you.

Low-glycemic carbs refers to carbs that break down slowly and over a longer period of time. High-glycemic carbs on the other hand release energy instantly which overwhelms your body and leads to weight gain. The program goes over which forms are low-glycemic carbs and which ones you should avoid. The program educates you so you can effectively manage your weight loss.

There are some other great weight loss principles included in this program. For example, Fat Loss Factor recommends that you drink a lot of water every day. This is a scientifically backed idea, as drinking lots of water is important for the maintenance of your body and it also helps remove toxins. Another important tip that they give is to eat most of your calories earlier in the day, as that helps prevent cravings later on in the day. Never ever skip breakfast, or you are jeopardizing your chances at fat loss.

What is the net result of caloric shifting, strength training, and proper nutrition?

Well, you lose a lot of weight. Fast. You’ll be feeling amazing as if you’re years younger and you will be full of energy. Not a bad bargain right? As long as you stick to the program and don’t give up you’ll do very well on it and gain that body you’ve always wanted.

Pros :

-The Fat Loss Factor program includes accurate nutritional information that will help you burn fat off your body with a healthy diet.
-The workout regime is very effective and doesn’t take much time to complete.
-The program as a whole just works. If you stick to it you’ll lose a lot of weight by following the program.
-The price is 47$ which is very cheap for a product that can help change your life.

Cons :

-You will need a gym membership for this program which can be expensive.
-The first few weeks are hard; you must have willpower to stick with the program.

Fat Loss Factor is a very impressive program that clearly works and is backed by mountains of scientific idea. What’s my suggestion? Buy this product because it works, plain and simple. I hope you’ve gained some useful information from my Fat Loss Factor review.
The Fat Loss Factor